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  • Steve Blank

    Steve Blank

    Big-hearted relationship therapist and iconoclastic dissenter.

  • Emma Sachsse

    Emma Sachsse

    Writer of Urban Fantasy Series; Bloody Dawn find me at

  • Steven Bateson

    Steven Bateson

    Retired engineer with a lifelong interest in maths and cosmology

  • Mark Dom

    Mark Dom

  • Denis Blaise

    Denis Blaise

  • Grace Zhai

    Grace Zhai

    Blockchain | UX | Psychology & Humans

  • Steve Hinton

    Steve Hinton

    Advocate for the environment and sustainability. Pacific Northwest prodigy seeking strength in diversity and local community.

  • Greg Shewmaker

    Greg Shewmaker

    Hovering somewhere between too young to understand and too old to give a damn. co-founder of TeakOrigin and the founder of Food+Future.

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